About NIC

The “Itorero” was a cultural school and it was the channel through which the nation could convey messages to the people regarding national culture in areas such as language, patriotism, social relations, sports, dances and songs, defence of the nation,etc. redmore

Council Commissioners

Members  of  the  council  of  Commissioners, including  the  Chairperson  and  the  Vice Chairperson  have been  appointed  by  a  Presidential  Order after approval by the Senate.Members  of  the  Board  of  Commissioners   have  a  term  of  office  of  five  (5)  years  renewable only once. Read more

NIC  have the following missions

1°  to train Rwandans to:

a.  make them understand their shared values and  taboos  in  their  coexistence,  be patriotic  and  contribute  to  national development;

b.  be aware of and have proficient knowledge of national programs  and  necessary  means for their implementation;

c.  be  confident  in  their  ability  to  solve problems  they  are  faced  with  and  uphold their dignity;

d.  be  Intore  who are  worthy Rwandans in all categoriesand  catalysts  for  positive changes;

e.  have  the  culture  of  volunteerism  through national service;

f.  have  the  culture  of  being  proud  to   set performance  targets  and  proclaim  their achievements;

2°  to  train  leaders  to  engage  in  a  leadership style that promotes the values and  strive to become the best performers;

3°  to  train  Rwandans  to  promote  respect  for the  values  and  taboos  as  a  basis  for coexistence and national development;

4°  to collaborate with other public and privateinstitutions  and  non-governmental organizations  that  train  in  values  and taboos and seek their advice;

5°  to  prepare  and  follow   up  volunteerism activities through the national service;

6°  to perform any other task deemed relevant to its mission.